Our water is locally sourced. Then, it is triple-filtered with our state-of-the-art process to ensure a consistent and authentic Polar Seltzer taste. NO sodium, fluoride or sugar is added. This is why Polar Seltzer makes for healthsmart hydration.
Polar Seltzer | Just water, bubbles & great taste


Great taste is what defines Polar Seltzer. Our secret is that we use only the highest-quality blends of flavors and aromas.  They are extracted from natural sources (such as lemon peel, lime, mint, etc) and then distilled into highly concentrated “essences”.

Polar Seltzer “natural flavors” do NOT contain sugar, artificial sweeteners, MSG, gluten, sodium or animal products.

Relying on copious amounts of these very precious oils, we never skimp when it comes to taste (which is actually 70% aroma).


This is the sparkle. We’ve spent 130 years perfecting the process of packing zillions of tiny bubbles into water for long-lasting carbonation and crispness. Bubbles are created by dissolving Co2 into water at high pressure at about freezing temperatures and without contact with oxygen. Other people add sodium, or mineral salts, or artificial sweeteners during this process – we do not. Our seltzers will satisfy your cravings for bubbles without any of the guilt or calories.

Like we said…just water, bubbles & great taste.

Polar Seltzer | Just Water, Bubbles & Great Taste