Limited Edition Polar Seltzer

These seasonal collections are a ‘Thank You‘ to seltzers lovers. The idea has always been to surprise and delight diehard Polar Seltzer aficionados.

The first batch of recipes created as Limited Editions were inspired by the flavors and aromas we enjoy in New England during the winter – like egg nog and candy cane. They sold out immediately and things snowballed from there. People now hoard our Limited Edition seltzers around the country, travel miles locate favorites  and load up their trucks. We get countless passionate emails, tweets and posts about how certain flavors are life-changing (yeah, seltzer drinkers have a knack for hyperbole.)

Today, we continue to innovate and produce premium quality sparkling seltzer. A new set of Limited Edition recipes is introduced twice annually, and sometimes we even drop a few Polar Small Batch surprises. We hope you continue to enjoy them.

Always 100% natural and calorie-free, with no sodium, sugar or artificial sweeteners. And, yes they are also gluten-free and vegan.