Family Made Since 1882

In the early 1880s in the town of Worcester, Massachusetts, Dennis Crowley crafted what he considered to be the world’s best-tasting bubble recipe. The savvy bartender thought these ‘modern’ carbonated beverages would help grow his burgeoning whiskey business. But then, as the Prohibition movement gain movement in New England, Crowley fatefully decided to focus on his sparkling seltzer waters. Four generations later, Polar Seltzer remains owned and operated by the Crowley family.

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No Sugar
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No Sodium
No Caffeine
No Gluten
Kosher & Vegan

Tiny Bubbles

Our bubbles set us apart. We’ve been perfecting the process of making our signature sparkle, with long-lasting effervescence and crisp taste, for over 140 years. The bubbles are created by carefully coaxing Co2 into the water at freezing temperatures and high pressure without exposing the ingredients to oxygen. Others may add sodium or sweeteners to short circuit this process – we certainly do not.

Natural Flavors

The taste of Polar Seltzer is defined by the care we take to source only the best in flavor and aroma. Our approach is to use only the proprietary combinations of flavors for depth and complexity. These ingredients are extracted and distilled from natural sources (such as lemon peel, lime, mint, etc) to create the highly concentrated “essences”. Relying on copious amounts of these very precious oils, we never skimp when it comes to taste.

Triple-Filtered & Locally Sourced Water

Our water is locally sourced and then triple-filtered with our state-of-the-art process to ensure that each sip is authentically Polar Seltzer in taste and quality. Our commitment to water quality means there are no detectible PFAS (known as forever chemicals) in any Polar Seltzer.

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