Refreshingly Natural

Just water, zillions of tiny bubbles, and great taste. Our family has been crafting Polar Seltzer with these same three ingredients since 1882, the same recipe our great-great-grandfather dubbed the world’s best-tasting bubble recipe over 138 years ago. 

Come sip into our world…


NEW! Polar Seltzer Ginger Lime Mule

Oh, yes it can!

Ginger Lime Mule is now available in cans. With all that flavor and aroma packed in, it’s definitely punching above its weight-class.

Pink Apple & Lemon

What was created as a seasonal recipe is now part of our permanent collection. Fans voted and we listened!

Unicorn Kisses.

This Polar SeltzerJR tastes exactly as described: Magical. Always calorie-free, vegan and impossibly good.

Your Polar Horoscope

Get your Polar astrology read with a few simple questions. Finally, you will know what your inner sparkle really is. Lemon? Raspberry Rosé? 

New Petite Size

This little darling is a limited edition seltzer created with the zip of ginger and the delicate sweetness of peaches.

Tickle your taste buds with zillions of tiny bubbles

No Calories
No Sodium
No Sugar
No Sweeteners
No Gluten

Fan Talk:

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Dear @PolarSeltzer . I love you. I am, in fact, addicted to the vanilla flavor. I drink at least 5 liter bottles of it a day. I order it by the case. (You can verify with my husband) Is it too much? Maybe. But if being addicted to #PolarSeltzer is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.
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toasted coconut is the best flavor and deserves to be in cans. There. Now I feel better.
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Simple, calorie free refreshment from @PolarSeltzer! No sweeteners, no sodium, and it matches well with meals or all by itself! #polarseltzer #drinks #ZeroZeroZero

Why be flat when you can sparkle?

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