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What began as “postcards from New England” has become highly anticipated seasonal seltzer collections. Inspired by the best of summer and winter flavors and aromas, we craft innovative recipes to capture the season’s zeitgeist to best surprise and delight seltzer lovers.

2023 Winter Collection

Black Cherry Vanilla

It is back. Its seasonal vibes are on point and everyone loves its dark cherry aroma and clean vanilla finish. This seltzer is all business in the front and a party in the back of your mouth.

Pomegranate Champagne

This is our top-shelf recipe that has returned on its sell-out success in 2022. Bring it to work for your own desk party.

Blood Orange Cranberry

This seltzer recipe is like the 2023 version of a 1980s punch (sans alcohol). Holiday exotic but very fun and somewhat familiar.

Frosted Boysenberry

The seltzer you didn’t know you wanted, until now. Take a sip and you will understand how the words soft, cozy and refreshing make sense together.

Yuzu Orange Blossom

This is the dark horse. And, don’t worry because nobody else knows what to expect either.  It has to be the most fashionable recipe we’ve crafted to date–silky notes of citrus, modern lines, and a clean finish.

Summer Collection

The Summer 2024 limited edition collection launches on April 1st, and is only available until the production is sold-out.

Polar Seltzer Seasons Past:

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