Polar Seltzer Limited Edition / Summer 2016 Released

Summer is set to sparkle with a new collection of seasonal Polar Seltzers.  All five beauties are bottled and ready to ship out beginning on May 01, 2016.  But remember, they will only be available until our last bottling in August. We want to see you over the summer.  Tag you summer adventures with #PolarSeltzer. Enjoy!

WATERMELON MARGARITA- Delicate summer-sweetness of watermelon is balanced with the crisp freshness of lime.

MANGO BERRY-  Touch of tropical warmth from mango marries beautifully with notes of raspberry and blackberry.

TANGERINE LIMEADE- The summery ease of limeade is given a sweet twist of citrus

POMEGRANATE SANGRIA- It’s back because we all love this recipe and it plays so nicely with the others

RASPBERRY PINK LEMONADE- Like sunshine in a glass, the tart lemon notes are warmed with muddled raspberries


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