Mayday, Mayday…This is a Seltzer Alert.

Hello to Summer ‘17

Our latest summer collection begins to ship out to stores May 01, and the vibe is totally effervescent ­– a tropicalesque Pineapple Grapefruit, a scrumptious fruit-forward Strawberry Sunrise, and the bistro breakout hit of Raspberry Rosé round out the three new recipes. Meanwhile, fan-favorites Mango Berry and Watermelon Margarita are back for encores.

Taste of Summer

Backyard burgers, lobster rolls or gourmet popsicles? However you celebrate the season, we have a seltzer that’s ready to pair. Iced-cold, on the rocks or straight from the bottle, enjoy them any way you like, the Limited Editions Polar Seltzers are ready for adventure. #PolarSummer

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