Summer 2019: Drink It In

School’s Out. Happy Birthday. Free cone day? What’s the phrase that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face? For us, it’s: Summer’s Here!

Let’s first get this out of the way: YES! RASPBERRY ROSÉ is back. You are welcome. Here’s the full rundown on the 2019  Limited Edition seltzer darlings, and the inspiration behind each.

Effervescent BLUEBERRY TANGERINE returns for a second season of summer fun. Inspired by countless trips to Maine to pick blueberries this crisp recipe is rounded with warm citrus notes. It’s a summery ode to New England.

New to the Polar Seltzer family is NECTARINE LEMON. Like a good romantic-comedy, it begins sweet and charming but balances things out with a little edge of zest.

The 2019 Polar Seltzer Limited Edition collection gets completed with STRAWBERRY HONEYDEW. For this recipe we imagined ourselves waking up at a yoga retreat in Sweden drinking this seltzer – minimal, clean and tranquil. It’s a beautiful combination of summery berry and elegant melon will transport you to your most chill self.

The tropical-esque recipe MANGO CHERRY BLISS hit stride last summer with a “can-do” attitude…so we gave it, well, it’s own can this year! Look for these pretty new slim can designs in stores very soon. It’s a playful combination of umbrella drink flavors without any of the heaviness. Tart and sweet aromas with cherry on top.

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