Polar Seltzer Limited Edition / Winter 2018 Released

We love experimenting (remember Mint Mojito?) and this new Limited Edition set is no different. Inspired by a cool array of influences and ingredients we conspired to surprise and delight all 10,000 tastebuds in your mouth.

The 2018 Winter collection features the return of the breakout star from last year – Ginger Lime Mule and the New England seasonal darling Cranberry Cider. New to our repertoire is Hibiscus Cloudberry, a recipe that shines a light on the humble cloudberry while offering touches of exotic tartness. We also have a jam-licious wonder – Blackberry Clementine – that will wisely satisfy cravings for something bubbly from breakfast to nightcap. Finally, to round out the seasonal grouping is a resplendent recipe of noble vanilla with serene touches of pomegranate (and secretly inspired by our new American Princess, the magnificent Ms. Markle) that we named Vanilla Zen.

As always, we cannot wait for seltzerheads and bubbly aficionados to taste and rank them all. We think the full collection of 2018 Limited Edition Polar Seltzer is bright and hopeful, a gift from New England where winter sparkles. Find a store near you.