Drink Good, Do Good.

‘Tis the giving season!

We’ve installed vending machines around Boston to raise money for visual arts in local public schools. Go, find them and spend wildly! We are keeping them stocked until the end of the year. Every dollar spent goes directly to the schools. #SeltzerJR

2017 Polar Winter Collection


Winter is coming, and people are smiling. The latest seasonal batch of Limited Edition seltzers are here and the collection includes:

Ginger Lime Mint
Blood Orange Sangria
Cranberry Cider
Blackberry Citron
Winter Citrus & Berry

Mayday, Mayday…This is a Seltzer Alert.

Hello to Summer ‘17

Our latest summer collection begins to ship out to stores May 01, and the vibe is totally effervescent ­– a tropicalesque Pineapple Grapefruit, a scrumptious fruit-forward Strawberry Sunrise, and the bistro breakout hit of Raspberry Rosé round out the three new recipes. Meanwhile, fan-favorites Mango Berry and Watermelon Margarita are back for encores.

Taste of Summer

Backyard burgers, lobster rolls or gourmet popsicles? However you celebrate the season, we have a seltzer that’s ready to pair. Iced-cold, on the rocks or straight from the bottle, enjoy them any way you like, the Limited Editions Polar Seltzers are ready for adventure. #PolarSummer

Winter Arrives Early in New England

…and it’s looking pretty tasty.

Polar Seltzer Winter 2016


Polar Seltzer chills out this season with new signature varietals. Wrapped in bold graphic patterns, the 2016 Winter Limited Edition seltzers are hitting stores in the first weeks of October and are bringing with them healthsmart hydration and the entertaining refreshment.

These sparking seltzer waters are made with none of the guilty-inducing things that typically tempt us with the arrival of colder weather. Always 100% natural, Polar Seltzers do not have any calories, carbohydrates, sugar, sweeteners, sodium, gluten or preservatives.

Focused on “great taste” – we take great care to maintain stringent carbonation standards, seek only the highest-quality flavor and aroma essences to deliver the full-bodied taste and always try to have as much fun as possible along the way. Remember, these are #LimitedEditions so they are only available from October to January.

Follow the Polar Seltzer winter story all season with the hashtag #PolarSeltzerSparkles.


Can you dig it?

Enjoy the summer sun while you can. These lovelies are here now but gone soon. #LimitedEdition

Polar Seltzer Limited Edition / Summer 2016 Released



Summer is set to sparkle with a new collection of seasonal Polar Seltzers.  All five beauties are bottled and ready to ship out beginning on May 01, 2016.  But remember, they will only be available until our last bottling in August. We want to see you over the summer.  Tag you summer adventures with #PolarSeltzer. Enjoy!

WATERMELON MARGARITA- Delicate summer-sweetness of watermelon is balanced with the crisp freshness of lime.

MANGO BERRY-  Touch of tropical warmth from mango marries beautifully with notes of raspberry and blackberry.

TANGERINE LIMEADE- The summery ease of limeade is given a sweet twist of citrus

POMEGRANATE SANGRIA- It’s back because we all love this recipe and it plays so nicely with the others

RASPBERRY PINK LEMONADE- Like sunshine in a glass, the tart lemon notes are warmed with muddled raspberries


When You’re From New England, Summer Begins May 1st.


Our latest seasonal collection has been bottled and is shipping out to stores on May 1st. #PolarSummer

And then this happened…

When life gives you lemons you make lemon seltzer!


Thanks to the folks at The Kitchn for being such savvy seltzer sippers and pick us as the BEST!  (We always kinda thought this was true but it’s always more polite when someone else says it.)

Polar Seltzer Gets Ranked

Polar Seltzer Flavors Ranked

Perhaps the most controversial seltzer article of all time! Folks at Boston Magazine dared to place all of our varietals into rank order. Here’s a link to their results.